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Links to Friends

Interestng depictions for friendship, don't you think? 0=)

"I will find you, even if you're thousands of lightyears away."
It seemed fitting to use that quote on a page whose purpose is to link towards friends who have built a home, small or not so small, for themselves on the web. Friends who, even though they're half a world away, are just a mouse click distant from here. Guess where that comes from, and who's saying it (yes, this IS an anime quote! ^^)! It should be fairly easy for anyone who knows me 0=)

So here comes the list. It's not too long, but still it's a nice little list, in no particular order (so I like random things, sue me :P). A very funny thing to note is that I met all of the friends listed here thanks to this monster called internet *grin* At some point I decided to cross beyond the Rubicond (to your history books!) and meet most of them in RL. Since then, I have become a yearly visitor in the US and a faithful member of Anime Expo! ^^
Feel free to visit my friends and discover all the nice things they've put up on their homes! =)

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