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  • All the manga and anime characters pictured in these stories are property of their respective authors, copyright and all those fun things to them, the various publishing companies involved and whoever else has them. All those fanfictions have been written for the simple joy of writing and also to give homage to the beautiful works which have inspired them, no profit has ever been or will ever be derived from them. The stories, as well as the original characters they contain are my property, so please do not use them, reproduce them or whatever. If you wish to put them up on another page, please don't do so without asking me first.
  • I am not into fun or comical stories. I like drama, angst, and occasionally dark stuff, even if I always prefer happy endings. Exceptions to this rule are Saturday Night Oyster and the Utter Silliness section.
  • Likely this should have come first, but hey. Okay, obviously, what I write has nothing to do with children's bedtime stories, none of my fics are meant for kids. Some of my fics also contain shounen/seinen ai, meaning male/male romance. Nothing I call graphic, but still, you are warned. So, if for any reason whatsoever you should not read fics with this kind of content, don't go any further.
  • I do not do fanfic requests, life is way too busy as it is. I have no time for this, so don't ask please. Gomen *bow*
  • I am French-spoken. This little detail means that I work with an AZERTY keyboard, which can make writing in English difficult, and "help" in making typos. Until recently, I didn't have anything resembling an English spellchecker, so please be indulgent, I know there are typos in my earlier fics. ^^;
  • I've ventilated the fics in different subdirectories. Normally there shouldn't be any links problems, however, if you find some, please tell me, and I'll fix them. Ah yes, please, if you wish to put links or bookmarks, do it only on this page, as the rest is likely to be a bit volatile... Thanks *bow*
  • I think this is obvious, but just in case it wasn't: please be warned that all my stories contain spoilers for the manga and/or anime they're based on, so be careful! =)
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One last comment before I let you spend time on those fics of mine....

  • A thing that may well bother readers in search of quality works who stumble upon this page: this is a personal fic archive, meaning that I've put up in it all the fanfics I've written in English over the years. Yes, all, included the very first one when I was trying myself at writing in a foreign language (rest assured that I didn't put up my worst scribblings, those are definitely not for the world to see). I've learned a lot since I first started down the road of fanfiction writing, and I know that the gap in writing quality between fics (even when just looking at style and grammar) can be...big. Trust me, I'm aware of those jarring differences, but my goal with this page is not to present a clean, polished set of fanfictions. What I'm aiming for is to put up everything since the day I decided to share stories with other people. No matter how I can blush at the "horrible" stuff I may have written, I'm still very fond of every single fanfic featured here, and I'm not taking down any of them, even if it costs me a "I'm not linking to you" or a "You're not welcome in our web ring" feedback. And as I have a very busy life, it's highly unlikely I'll ever be able to afford the time to re-work on all of old fanfics and make them "palatable". In order to help you choose what to read and what not to read, I've added a year next to each title, so you'll know how old the fic is. Just keep in mind that the fact a fic is old doesn't necessarily mean it's bad, use your own judgement ^^; So now that you know this, I hope it won't bother you too much, and that you'll enjoy your stay ^^

All right, since the time I've first started putting up fics, this page has seriously grown in size ! ^^
So in order to make things easier, here's a list of the works I've based my fics upon :

... And also a list of the most recent fics I've put up on this page:

I'll try my best to update this everytime I put up something new...

Once you have read something, (if indeed you were brave enough to read until the end), please send me feedback, yes, even critics, as long as they're justified of course !
So if you wish to comment, simply mail me, or just click on Ken-chan here ^^

Saint Seiya

Beyond the Horizon (complete fic) - 1998

Right before taking on the Sanctuary, the Bronze Saints take a bit of rest, and Shun goes to the beach, finding himself in need of silence to think. Based on one of my favourite scenes of Saint Seiya, where for once Shun and Ikki are alone and can talk a bit...

Hooded Eagle (8 parts) - 1999

This fic is set after The Hades, with my interpreting Saori's last words in manga#28 in a certain way. It's focused on Aquila Marin, and on the female Saints' PoV in general. Imagine Athena entrusting the protection and guardianship of the Sanctuary to Aquila Marin and Ophiuchus Shaina, foreseeing that neither she, nor the Bronze Saints, nor the Gold Saints will ever come back from the realm of Hades. Now Marin and Shaina find themselves alone and in charge of this terrible responsibility, with nobody to turn to for guidance....
If you're familiar with Shoujo Kakumei Utena, you may find in here situations or attitudes which will give you a feeling of deja vu. This fic was inspired by my watching ep. 9 of Utena....
Special bonus for this fic: I'm very happy to be able to present two beautiful pieces of fanart drawn by Pallas especially for this fic. You'll find them on the chapters' page! =)

Peace is only for Fools (9 parts) - 1995

Crossover with Tokyo Babylon by CLAMP. After The Hades, Shun finds himself in a Tokyo he doesn't recognize. Everybody he knew is gone... Shortly after this quite unsettling discovery, he finds a very badly wounded onmyouji person...

Requiem (complete fic) - 1997

Set during Asgard, the second season of the anime.
Shun's thoughts as Mime confronts him and asks him why he keeps fighting.

Resolutions... (8 parts) - 1998

Saint Seiya fic, with a small particularity : it contains characters based on real people.
A group of friends meets at AX, and discovers that somebody has managed to change the ending to all the fics they had written or read. Stepping to the other side of the mirror, they go to confront this person, re-enacting in part the ascent of the Twelve Houses. But things are not what they seem, and much more is going on in the Sanctuary than meets the eye. The friends may never know the truth, but the end of their confrontation will condamn Athena and her Saints to a terrible fate...

Thieves of Light (13 parts) - 2001

Saint Seiya meets Christianity. I've wanted to write such a fic for years, but I didn't have enough background information. The lack of books on the subject on my shelves had been fixed, as well as the lack of fic itself! ^^
The title is freely inspired from Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, which is one of my favourite books. Blurb? Hades' death in the heart of Elysion started the apparent destruction of the underworld, but it also set in motion a terrible chain of events which would bring to light the tragedies of a past so ancient and dangerous that the gods themselves had sealed away their own forbidden memories. Memories from a time when the Olympian gods were mortals themselves. Now, the time of the reckoning, the time for vengeance has come. Can the horrible truth of events past be faced? Can a war against all that is thought holy and sacred be fought?

To Fade into the Sky of Waning Stars (8 parts) - 2003

This is a very weird piece of fanfiction, dealing with the universe of Saint Seiya as it might be far into the future. What happens to the Sanctuary once humankind has evolved far enough to reach for the stars? What happens when there are no gods left to fight, no superhuman threat that can endanger humanity--when the sole danger that is busy eating away at it, destroying it, is humanity itself? What purpose can the Saints of Athena serve in an era where they seem to have become obsolete remains of a past lost forever?
Inspiration for this piece came from one of the greatest SF series I've ever watched: Babylon 5. This is not a crossover, however. But I've used side aspects of the B5 universe to build my story and the world of Saint Seiya in the year 2240.

When Hope is Darkness (complete fic) - 1998

Set at the key moment of "The Hades", in volume 24. The curtain has lifted, and the truth must be faced...

Yours Ever (12 parts) - 1996 - revised in 2000

Crossover with X by CLAMP, and set during The Hades. A few years after the end of the battle against Poseidon, Athena's Saints are enjoying a well deserved rest. It seems all the enemies have been vainquished, and peace is secure. A shadow lurks in the background, a shadow who has been patiently waiting. It is said that the Saints are the masters of their Fate, but can this hold true in the universe of X, where Destiny is foreordained ?

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Rg Veda

Cheating Fate (9 parts) - 1996

What happens when an ordinary girl leading an ordinary life suddenly finds her soul gripped by an horrible vision and when strange god characters abruptly disrupt her existence ? I know I would run away or start writing fiction. As for Fiona...
A sequel to Rg Veda, in an unusual setting.

Take this Gift (complete fic) - 1997 - revised in 2000

Set at the very end of Rg Veda, a vignette of Kujaku's thoughts and reasons for sacrificing himself for Ashura.
Quite dark... Vignette.

Tokyo Babylon

Bad Blood (9 parts) - 2002

Crossover with Rurouni Kenshin, this fic is set in the set of fanfics depicting the Sumeragi chronicles, and is a direct sequel to Night-Painted Hearts, which you can find in the Rurouni Kenshin section.

Erin's Gift (9 parts) - 1999/2000

This is a rather special Tokyo Babylon fanfic. Why? Because it's set in the year 1608, and starts with a strange young woman leaving her native Ireland to accompany an English delegation to Japan with the mission of negociating trade agreements. She is no one, she's just a caretaker of horses.
Her name is Aislinn, and she will be the origin of a rather special characteristic of one of Clamp's most famous characters.
Featuring beautiful art by Sablotin. Many thanks to him for bringing life to Aislinn in this wonderful fashion =)

Night has Fallen (complete fic) - 1997

The end of the Subaru/Seishirou battle... Guess who wins ?
Dark, and might make you wonder about the winner's sanity... Vignette.

Peace is only for Fools (9 parts) - 1995

Crossover with Saint Seiya. After the Hades, Shun finds himself in a Tokyo he doesn't recognize. Everybody he knew is gone... Shortly after this quite unsettling discovery, he finds a very badly wounded onmyouji person...

Raindrops are Made of Tears (complete fic) - 1997

Subaru visits his sister right after his awakening in the hospital and his confrontation with Seishirou.

The Tree of Blood and Hope (5 parts) - 1997

This story is placed right at the end of the 7th tankoubon, and is mixed with the universe of the Eald Wood Novels by C.J. Cherryh, more specifically The Tree of Swords and Jewels (yes my title is a shameless reference :P). Credits to Jason who argued with me about the end until I agreed to write something... Fitting...
There is no X reference, although it might be said that the end hints at X, but an X that would have to be different from Clamp's...
Come to think of it, where does the Sakura come from ? What is it ? What if someone knew, and had been waiting for a long time ?... And which is stronger, hope, or blood ?

When the Dark Waltz Ends (12 parts) - 1999

Seishirou has won, and suddenly finds his life unusually dull. A young gaijin arrives in Japan, and somehow keeps meeting this dark and handsome veterinarian... Perhaps Kassandra should not be so curious, but when you are an assistant in a criminal brigade with only menial work to do, what else can you do to pass the time than getting a look at closed files that inexplicably remain on the police's server ?


Sweet Dreams are Made of Kisses (complete fic) - 1997

A dream... And then reality. Set some time in what is/will be the 3rd volume of Wish, once Kohaku has learnt that he/she must go back to Heaven.


Awakening (complete fic) - 1997

Kamui awakens from his Dream after the death of Kotori, and sees Subaru unconscious against him. A short time of peace, a time to think...
The companion fic to Reflections of Dawn. Vignette.

Don't Forgive (8 parts) - 1998

Crossover of sorts between X and Tenku Senki Shurato. Of sorts, because I've merely dumped Kuroki Gai in the X universe. As for the story... All right, I'm fond of saying this, but this time it's VERY true : this story is DARK. Don't say I didn't warn you. Don't read it if you're feeling depressed, it won't help. This story was born of my watching the Shurato OVAs, and noticing some beautiful shots of Gai. Imagine what'd happen if, after dying while sacrificing himself to save Shurato, Gai hadn't become one with him but instead had been snatched away by a dark hand, and thrown in the middle of the Dragons of Heaven and Earth... No coherence or continuity with what CLAMP has planned for X was ever intended here.

Musings (complete fic) - 1997

A character from X spends some idle time thinking about the whys and wherefores of everything. Guess who's talking ! ^^

Reflections of Dawn (complete fic) - 1997

Subaru wakes up after his dive into Kamui's heart, and realises he must face himself, and accept the truth.
The companion fic to Awakening. Vignette.

Toys in the Palm of God (13 parts) - 1997

Sequel to Cheating Fate. 1999 has come... Three years have passed, and Fiona thought she had a right to a peaceful uneventful life... What a mistake... Fate does not take kindly to being cheated.

Yours Ever (12 parts) - 1996 revised in 2000

Crossover with Saint Seiya, The Hades. A few years after the end of the battle against Poseidon, Athena's Saints are enjoying a well deserved rest. It seems all the enemies have been vainquished, and peace is secure. A shadow lurks in the background, a shadow who has been patiently waiting. It is said that the Saints are the masters of their Fate, but can this hold true in the universe of X, where Destiny is foreordained ?
Click to see it full size


Saturday Night Oyster (complete fic) - 1998

What will happen when a group of friends meet, drink Baileys and start talking about manga in general and then CLAMP...

Rurouni Kenshin

Night-Painted Hearts (8 parts) - 2000

This fic is the sequel to The Other Side of Twilight, that you can find just below, and is set some time after the end of the Revenge story arc, but before the end of the manga itself. Everyone has gone back to a peaceful life, but things are happening in Kyoto. Murders are committed in the night, when the moon is full; a strange, apparently random reaping of lives which is about to engulf everything in its wake. A hidden, insidious threat on the future of Japan, and on the lives of those who fought in the shadows during the Meiji Restoration.
Please, read the foreword carefully, for the events depicted in this story are tied to events told not only in "The Other Side of Twilight", but in Erin'sGift as well.

The Other Side of Twilight (6 parts) - 1999

Japan, in the beginning of the year 1864. Civil unrest grows in Kyoto, and Fate is about to change many people's lives forever. Tokio is a young woman whose most immediate concern is to keep her little bit of freedom and independance, but very soon she will find herself taken away by the storm of change. Can one oppose what is, in the end, nothing else than Destiny itself? This fic is set during the time of the OVAs of RK, and tells my vision of how two characters came to meet one another. I have added to this fic concepts from Tokyo Babylon by Clamp to the RK universe. It's one of my favourites.... ^^

When Evil Smiles (complete fic) - 1998

Fic wholly focused on Shinomori Aoshi, set a short time after the Kanryu matter. Shinomori Aoshi has buried his former companions and then gone on his way... I have often wondered what had happened to him during the interval between that moment and when he shows up again during the Kyoto story... This fic also contains a chara whose name is very well-known from another series I shall not reveal *EG*... This fic definitely stems from a very evil idea of mine...


Night is the Mirror of my Soul (complete fic) - 1997

This one stems from my frustration after having watched the 3 OVAs of Earthian... Obviously, I enjoyed it, but I'm missing a lot of things from the manga... I just HAD to deal with one scene of Earthian 3... Not my favourite, but writing it took the frustration out as usual ! :P


Weariness (complete fic) - 1998

A short fic focused on Misato's thoughts about what she does and why. I wrote this after having seen only 12 eps of EVA, so the chara may seem off, but it shouldn't be too bad. Warning : this is not a very cheery fic...

Utter Silliness - partly based on Shoujo Kakumei Utena

BAIT's Life is an Ever Peaceful River (complete fic) - 1998

A blurb for this little piece of madness ? Well... Mmmm... Two friends start arguing about accompanying a third one back to London at the end of her visit and in so doing provide invaluable fic material... ^^

Revolution (Complete Fic) - 1998

Some few days ago, I was challenged by one of the victims of "BAIT's life is an ever peaceful river" to write something even more outrageous than that... I noted with interest the lack of "no don't do it" requests from the other victims.
So I can safely say : don't blame me *NEG*
This is a continuation of sorts of the first one, although you'll find that the style has changed. This one isn't as obviously silly as the other.Blame it on the Utena music that I listened to on repeat during the whole time I wrote this fic...
Warning : all characters portrayed therein are evil/twisted/well-deserved parodies of their real counterparts. All hints are there on purpose, and the most obvious impossibility in the end is of course a direct reference to a show I am NOT addicted to, I'll stress that : I AM MOST CERTAINLY NOT addicted to this show... ^^

as Long as Roses Last.... (4 Parts) - 1999

And yet another silly--let me stress that SILLY--continuation, based on my before-last stay in Cambridge. Warning, I have been having a lot of fun, so please do NOT take any of this seriously. All the people I depict in there are very dear friends...despite some perhaps confusing appearances ^^;;;;
Oh yes, I doubt you will find it of any interest if you don't know the group of friends involved or my humble self. ^^;;;

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