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Konnichi wa!

I'm Fuu-chan (no no, not the first half of my soul) also known as, Kaori, Lina, Andromeda Shun no Miko, Virgo Shaka, Uriel, Megrez Alberich, Julian, Caith, Merle, Lune, Tokio and sometimes Ariane...

Don't worry, not even my friends know how my brain manages with all those inhabitants!

And just in case the names Julian and Caith don't ring a bell... Well, that's because they both come from my novel project! So if one day I am published (hope! hope! ^^;) you'll have a chance of finding out who they are ^^

So, first what can you find in my virtual home?

Virgo Gold Saint Shaka, from Saint Seiya. Kakkoi, ne? =)

At last, I have finished a shrine for Shun, made from images captured from the anime's first season. Happy! You can find it right here =)
I hope you'll enjoy it, it's a bit special, because I added a small comment with each picture. The comment is either the exact dialogue matching the pic, or something I judged useful to say ^^ Blame half the mistakes on me, and the rest on translations errors in the French dub I'm using as source. If only I could see the Japanese original version.... *sigh*
Also, after thoughtful and careful consideration, I came to the conclusion that adopting Shun, Shaka and Mu was the obvious thing to do for me, so here they are =)
Adopt Your Obscure Character Today!

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These AAOC Charactere were adopted by:Fuu-chan

Info about my humble self?
Oh, but apart form the fact that I'm schizo and love writing--now now, don't try to hide like that, first there's no escape, and second, I don't bite, I merely write 0=) --what is there to know?
Eh? A picture? No way, me and cameras don't get along!
Just imagine Fuu of Magic Knight Rayearth, that ought to do the trick. We're not that different after all... Well, I said "that"...

All right all right.

I love horses, and have practised horse-riding for some twenty years, working as semi-pro groom in the showjumping world.

I love Greece, the next best thing there is to Paradise, the only place I know where Time freezes when I will it to!
When I have some time, I will scan more pictures of this little Heaven named Koroni....

I also love music, anime music unsurprisingly, but also Vangelis and Kitaro... My absolute favourite piece at the moment is the Berserk TV series OST, the music in there is just magical. I also love the Rurouni Kenshin OVAs OST, the Vampire Princess Miyu TV series OST, the Tale of Genji OST and Lovers Only, the last CD of Escaflowne...nani? You do not know Escaflowne???? One day... How many pages should I do if I wanted to talk about all the things I love? Don't tell me, I know, far too many! ^^;;;

My dream is to be a professional writer... Someday!

Other than that... I do have a CS degree... And even though I have been working on Intranet projects, don't look for incredible top-of-the-art stuff here, you won't find it! Animated gifs and all that jazz are well and cool for many people, but they bug me, and I don't like wearing out my eyes just to follow them. Besides, where web design is concerned, simplicity is often synonym of class. So all the flashy stuff, as well as everything which is so nice but slows you down like hell when your connection isn't fast enough is banned from here, apart from images, since one part of this site is an image shrine. As a general rule, everything that slows down the loading of pages makes me waste a lot of time and bugs me, so I have avoided doing to others what I don't like being done to me (it's only fair, don't you think?). But enough with work!

Ah yes, just a few useful things : I have never been able to learn patience, and this mind is in constant complete chaos, but it doesn't seem to bother my friends too much, as Lord Seishirou would say "We are used to it, and anyway, I am a patient entity..."

I have at last found some time to start a page of links towards my friends! Yes, after years, I have done it at last! ^^;;; If you're curious to know what kind of people can bear with a pest like me, you'll find it here.

While I'm at it, many many thanks to Karin for the scans and her patience with kinda irritating softwares!...^^
And also many many thanks to Michel for his patience when scanning sessions lasted much longer than we had thought they would! ^^;

And here's my kawaii/gorgeous/funny/dark/angsty/adorable collection of captured bishounen ! =)
If you wanna catch'em all as well, simply click on one of the images below, and you'll find yourself where you wanna go! Good hunting! ^^

Mu-sama Atashi no Shun ! Shaka-dono
Hotohori-sama Nuriko-chan Hajime-chan Folken-sama
Ken-chan Hiko-sama Allen Xellos-chan

Go have a look at my ototo-san's Shiori Shrine, it's worth it ^^

That's it! ^^

Okay, since I'm a nice girl, I'll give you again the links to the sections I have included in my virtual home, that way you won't need to get back up to find them *grin*

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