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CLAMP... Heap of potatoes ? Nah !
Ummm... Bad, and said much too often I know ! :P

CLAMP, a group of four of the most talented mangaka (manga artists) I know !

Mokona Apapa and Mick Nekoi : art so achingly beautiful it should be forbidden to draw it !
Nanase Ohkawa : writer who knows how to create a universe that grips your soul and characters who will wrench your heart...
Satsuki Iragashi : expert on screens, and organization...
The combination of those four yields stories you will not forget once you have looked upon them.

... Ah yes, sorry, but no scans, since CLAMP doesn't wish their art to appear on web pages. I am however putting up some fanart I did draw... I put in my favourites : Ferio from Magic Knight Rayearth, Subaru from Tokyo Babylon and Kujaku from Rg Veda. Please, note that since I am unable to draw original things, those were drawn from the mangas and ArtBooks, and yes, I did draw them, I not trace them, and they are not photocopies, it took me long enough to make those...
A thousand thanks to Karin because she had to rework them a bit for the shadows, I use only a simple pencil so...
Please note that the Subaru pic is the result of teamwork effort : me for drawing black and white, and Karin for patiently painstakingly colouring it ! She did more than a wonderful job of it.^^

Most famous works : X, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tokyo Babylon and Rg Veda, not necessarily in that order.

Most famous... But what is famous ? What has been read the most, but there also rare jewels that would deserve to be as widely known. Shira Hime Shou is one such, its art in my opinion the best of all of CLAMP's works, Shin Shunkaden, Wish, and of course Clover...



Click to see it full size CLAMP, although very famous in Japan and in the US it would seem, is known to a much too small number of people in our old Europe. It must be said that there is here a big audience problem where manga and anime are concerned. To be short, everything that is brodacasted on TV knows success and the mangas are bought (i.e. anything like DB and Sailor Moon).

But if you are one of the few initiates/odd ones who like things that do not appear on TV, then you have a problem. Anime and manga are generally scorned around here... So people like me get to spend lots of time trying to convince bookshop keepers that they must also help if they want the books to be sold... It is just a question of having people open a manga. Afterwards they buy them of their own initiative, but it is not a thing they will do... Manga is merely violence and sex, horrible art and stupid scenarios...sigh

Well, maybe one day things will get better... If only the cinemas accepted to show movies like Grave of the Fireflies more than once, and in only one place in Belgium...
Okay, enough with ranting !

Another interesting thing about CLAMP is that they have of course made many doujinshis, and among them is one on Saint Seiya... What is quite fascinating is that their favourite characters are Shun and Shiryu... Not surprising, they do like torn characters...

My ranking of the CLAMP works I know ?

1. Shirahime Shou and X (if only for the gorgeous art...)
2. Tokyo Babylon
3. Clover
4. Wish
5. Shin Shunkaden
6. Magic Knight Rayearth 2 and Magic Knight Rayearth
7. Cluster
8. Clamp Campus Duklyon
9. 20 Mensou ni Onegai
10. Card Captor Sakura

For my favourite characters, it was a bit more difficult, but I eventually managed to rank them ^^

1. Kujaku - Rg Veda
2. Sumeragi Subaru - X (yes, I mean that, not the young Subaru from TB)
3. Hisui and Kokuyou (somehow I can't separate one from the other ^^) - Wish
4. Ashura-Ou - Rg Veda
5. Ten-Ou - Rg Veda
6. Sakurazuka Seishirou - Tokyo Babylon and X
7. Kigai Yuuto - X
8. Kishuu Arashi - X
9. Monou Fuuma - X
10. Shirou Kamui - X
11. Touya and Yukito (once more I can't separate one from the other ^^) - Card Captor Sakura

Click to see it full size

ArtBooks... Did I mention ArtBooks ? Well worth the getting, they are superb pieces of art, the ones I know are Hiten Muma on Rg Veda, the ArtBooks for Magic Knight Rayearth 1 & 2, Tokyo Babylon Photographs... Now that they've AT LAST (can you tell I was getting slightly impatient?) realized that they can make money with other stuff than CCS and are planning an X art book, all I wish for is that they quickly make one for Wish and Clover !!!

Well, that's all for the moment. If you've had the courage to read till this point, you deserve a reward, so take a look here, even if you don't give a damn about Saint Seiya, there's a little surprise in store for you =)
Like for Saint Seiya, I will put in more, as I get the TIME !!!

Links !

(yes I know it's high time I put some links here. Hey not my fault for being lazy ! ^^;;;)

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