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Night Has Fallen

A Tokyo Babylon fanfiction by Ariane Kovacevic, AKA Fuu-chan.

I looked down.

"And now... What ?"

The wind blew gently, disturbing the bed of delicate sakura petals.

"What ?"

I kneeled down, and let my fingertips brush the soft raven black hair. The moon was rising in the sky. The emptiness I felt seemed strangely different now. As if some stain was marring the perfect void of emotions in my heart. I smiled.

"What will I do ?"

My fingers followed the line of the jaw, and closed gently on the throat.

"What would you do ?"

My hand felt no pulse.

No life.


Not yet cold...

I chuckled, whispering :

"Silly !..."

Of course I couldn't feel his life anymore. I bent down slowly, and kissed his lips tenderly, tasting his blood, relishing the sensation of the thick warm liquid against the tip of my tongue. Regretfully, I ended the kiss and looked up. The stars of Orion's belt were shining brightly in the night sky. The wind had stopped.

There was only silence.

Silence so deep it was like screams resounding in the air.

I shook my head.

How curious...

"You know... I can't even bring her image back..."

I asked him softly :

"Why ?"

There was a barrier around my heart, like a cotton wall. It dimmed all the emotions, it gave me the sensation of falling asleep. Endlessly. It would have been perfect, if not for the weird, dull pain in my chest. As if something was busy crushing my spine at that level. The pain was slowly spreading through me, reaching my fingertips and my thighs. It should have made me cry out, but it was so distant I hardly felt it. But it obsessed me. It was like a torrent running through the shoulders and the arms, passing through the wrists and bouncing back against the nails, trapped there. Unable to get out.

I looked at my hands, and shrugged. It was immaterial anyway.

I stood up. It was time for me to go.

"I do not hate you..."

No, I never had. Indeed...

"I love you..."

I smiled fondly.

"You who were my prey, no matter what you chose to believe..."

A small breeze rose, bringing a lonely petal to my open right palm.

"Appearances can be deceiving... Can't they ?..."

My fingers closed on the delicate blossom.

"It had to end, yes, it had to. Although at times I wished for this hunt to last for an eternity, neither you nor I could wait that long..."

I turned aside and walked away.

"I am glad we ended it in a satisfactory fashion, you and I..."

I chased the strange pain away from my mind, and let the wall close completely around my heart. Before leaving the small playing area, I turned one last time towards the motionless body resting on the ground.

So peaceful...

I smiled.

So happy...

I whispered softly :

"I have fulfilled both our wishes..."

So innocent...

"Now... You are mine and I am yours... Truly..."

So beautiful...

The gentle breeze caught a few drops of warm, salty liquid from my cheeks and flew them towards his body.

"Farewell... Seishirou-san."


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