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"Kagayaku mono". In Japanese, it means "something that shines." In other words, a kind of treasure, or something that's precious. I think it fits with the contents of this page. What you'll find below, you won't find anywhere else on the web, unless I've given my express permission to use it. This is a unique item, and if you find those pictures elsewhere, there's no nice way to put it: the pictures have been snatched away from this web site without my consent. Stolen, to be blunt. So, what's down there that warrants such precautions and such harsh words? Simple.

A Storyboard.

The original storyboard for The Hades, Juunikyu Hen Episode 12--well, parts of it. I wasn't going to scan and bug my much-too-kind-and-too-gifted-with-photoshop advisor (if you read worship in there somewhere, you're right ^^) with no less than 179 pictures to work upon. I'm not that evil and abusive. ^^;

First of all, thanks are in order. This wouldn't be online if 3 things hadn't happened:

Well, it's not 3 things, it's 5. Duh! What matters is this: all hail to my one and only coach and advisor in matters of auctions and findings of beautiful and rare things on the internet, Aka! =) (hm, Aka I hope that got you to blush, because I can hardly do more in terms of homage *grin*)
Please, address all the congratulations and thanks his way.

All right. Enough talk, here are the pictures. As usual, you need to click on the "thumbnails" version to get the full size thingy. Enjoy! =)

Shion faces the statue of the Goddess,one of the two goals the renegade Gold Saints had to reach. And then he sees terrible sight of Athena's blood reflecting the starlight in dark pools of dull red. Dead. The former Aries Gold Saint falls to his knees, struck by grief. Shion gathers his strength and turns back to confront Seiya's sorrow and anger.
No words can quell the rage and fury burning in Seiya's bleeding heart. Oblivious to Shun's move to stop Seiya from striking at him, Shion turns his mind and strength toward the task at hand. Gathering the blood of the Goddess into his tainted hands, he turns toward the statue. And reveals the truth to the Bronze Saints, awakening Athena's Cloth from its centuries-long slumber.
The statue at the heart of the Sanctuary, Athena's sacred Cloth, the only thing that may allow them to prevail. And Shion explains the reasons behind the renegades' actions, recalling painful memories of being torn away from death. Memories from the moments when he faced all the renegades that had been awoken by Hades' dark hand. Memories from the oath they all swore, to be true to Athena until the end, no matter they'd be hated and despised.
No matter what price they'd have to pay, even if it meant breaking the Goddess' most sacred law--no matter their names would be cursed and, their sould would be damned. Then, at last, understanding dawns in the Bronze Saints' hearts, and grief and sorrow wash over them. Shion has a last parting gift for the young men he must allow to fight the war at hand without him: new repaired Cloths. Cloths strengthened and reborn thanks to precious drops of Athena's blood.
Once all is done, there is one thing left: Shion entrusts the Cloth of Athena to the Bronze Saints and gives them one last command: bring it to the Goddess, and win the terrible war against Hades.

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