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Fuu-chan's Saint Seiya Image Shrine Room 1

A little warning to any who enters here and has no particular liking for Andromeda Shun: I mainly built this shrine for my favourite character, and that's him. You may thus find here shocking images which will offer the blatant proof that Shun is far from being the whimp some people mistakenly believe he is. You may discover *gasp* that Shun is a powerful young man, and that he can fight if he puts his mind to it.
This image shrine doesn't claim to be anything close to a complete archive, it's simply a gathering of my favourite images of the first season of Saint Seiya. I hope you'll enjoy the journey =)
All the images have been placed according to the chronological order of the TV series. For Shun fans, sorry, but the shower scene I keep for myself.... 0=)

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Shrine Heart

I have built this page on a 1024 x 768 configuration, so you may have to use the horizontal scroll bar to view the rightmost images. I put them up here on smaller size. If you want to see one of the images full size, simply click on it. This page may be slow in loading, given the number of images on it, gomen.

Shun as he wears his Cloth right before fighting Unicorn Jabu. Full size: 315 x 234 pixels
Shun, fully Clothed with his cosmo blazing around him. Full size: 214 x 233 pixels
So, Unicorn Jabu persists in believing Shun is a cowardly whimp and wants to defeat him in a single blow, hey ? Oroka mono da.... Full size: 316 x 233 pixels
"Very well, I think there's no other solution...I will fight." Shun releases the Nebula Chain. Full size: 320 x 240 pixels
The Nebula Chain shields Shun from all attacks. Full size: 298 x 205 pixels
Behind Shun, the Andromeda constellation shines brightly in the dark. Full size: 311 x 221 pixels
"Now you can no longer get near me, Jabu. To approach would mean risking your life...." Full size: 320 x 240 pixels
"You're going to regret angering me." Black Andromeda just made his last mistake. Full size: 292 x 545 pixels
"Nebula Chain !". Full size: 320 x 240 pixels
Ikki and Shun reunited. Ikki can tell Shun not to cry all he wants, he's crying too ! =) Full size: 317 x 237 pixels
Shun and Ikki praying on their parent's grave when their cosmo is suddenly troubled. Full size: 319 x 233 pixels
"Did you feel it too?" Full size: 320 x 237 pixels
First "true" appearance of a Gold Saint, it's Leo Arioia, come from the Sanctuary to get rid of the Bronze Saints.... Full size: 318 x 239 pixels
"At that time, I was taught to hate all that was around me, the people I had loved, and Athena herself...." - flashback. Full size: 319 x 238 pixels
Shun listens in silence to his brother's terrible tale. Full size: 187 x 239 pixels
"Yes, it's true, and you were sent there in my place...." Full size: 311 x 238 pixels
I don't think Shun will ever forgive himself for accepting his brother's sacrifice when they were both kids who didn't know better. Full size: 314 x 238 pixels
"But I believe that we can take our fate in our own hands". Ikki is smiling, yes ! Full size: 316 x 237 pixels
"Yes, it's true you're right !" Shun happy and smiling too, yay ! - End of the flashback. Full size: 319 x 239 pixels
"Impossible ! He can't free himself from his Destiny !" - Yare yare, but of course he can. Why must morons always think that abhorring violence means that's you're a defenseles whimp ? Full size: 302 x 218 pixels
"Yes, Ikki-niisan. Look at me...." Full size: 314 x 240 pixels
"My Fate is mine to make ! I will never be the Sanctuary's Sacrifice !" Full size: 315 x 238 pixels
How can you resist someone with eyes as gentle as Shun's ? *sigh* Full size: 318 x 239 pixels

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