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Fuu-chan's Saint Seiya Gallery
Shrine Entry

You'll find here some of my favourite Saint Seiya images. They come from my own collection of Saint Seiya items, from shitajiki, but also from some of my cels, video captures of the TV series and one or two pamphlet images. Many of these pictures can likely be found elsewhere. Don't lash out at me if you recognize some, I didn't steal anything. I scanned those from stuff I own, they're not images used without the consent of the one who put them up.
As you're about to see, some of those pics were drawn by the usual team, and two others were drawn by another famous group =)
On the first two pages are "nice" pics, mainly from cels, shitajiki, rami crads (or idol) or pamphlet (the second page holds the cels and shita I couldn't place here, as well as all the rami (idol cards). Nice, because of image quality and size. With the other pages I have tried hard to create an image shrine worthy of Andromeda Shun, and Saint Seiya in general. I've built it like an ancient mosaic retelling some of the events of the terrible Sanctuary War. The images I put in that shrine are video captures I made from my tapes of the TV series, I've done my best to preserve quality, but the price to pay was image size.
Oh, and while you're visiting the shrine, don't forget to take a look at the Shrine's heart, I left a small surprise there =)
A zillion thanks to K-chan, who keeps a faithful watch for any Saint Seiya item hitting Mandarake for me. I can never thank you enough! *hugs* =)
And please remember that the images of this shrine as well as the comments which go with them may constitute spoilers for the series and the manga!
Enough talk, it's time to dive inside the magic of Saint Seiya.... =)

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Shrine Heart

I have built this page on a 1024 x 768 configuration, so you may have to use the horizontal scroll bar to view the rightmost images. I put them up here on smaller size. If you want to see one of the images full size, simply click on it. This page may be slow in loading, given the number of images on it, gomen.

Shun and Hyoga, from the 1st movie pamphlet. Full size: 617 x 374 pixels
The five together: Hyoga, Shiryu, Seiya, Ikki and Shun, from shitajiki. Full size: 700 x 485 pixels
The five as kids, tottemo kawaii!!! From shitajiki. Full size: 697 x 494 pixels
The five wearing Cloths, against the Pope (1st season, Sanctuary), from shitajiki. Full size: 597 x 426 pixels
The five together From shitajiki. Full size: 425 x 593 pixels
The five wearing the 2nd Season Cloths. From shitajiki. Full size: 424 x 593 pixels
Gold Saints: Leo Aioria, Scorpio Milo, Gemini Saga, Aquarius Camus, Aries Mu and Virgo Shaka. Kakkoi!!! From shitajiki. Full size: 382 x 555 pixels
The five wearing their Cloths shining as Gold thanks to the Gold Saint's gift of blood (Poseidon). From shitajiki. Full size: 385 x 551 pixels
Cover for 1st movie. From 1st movie pamphlet. Full size: 410 x 520 pixels
Eta God Warrior Mime (2nd season, Asgard). From cel. Full size: 686 x 494 pixels
Andromeda Shun during the battle against God Warrior Mime. From cel. Full size: 695 x 497 pixels
Phoenix Ikki during the battle against God Warrior Mime. From cel. Full size: 708 x 498 pixels
Polaris Hilda, high priestess of Odin (2nd season, Asgard). From cel. Full size: 708 x 498 pixels
Andromeda Shun, during 1st season (Sanctuary). From shitajiki. Full size: 403 x 595 pixels
Seiya and Shiryu drawn by a former member of Clamp! From shitajiki. Full size: 425 x 594 pixels
Shiryu, Seiya, Hyoga and Shun drawn by Mokona Apapa of Clamp! From shitajiki. Full size: 412 x 600 pixels
Ikki and Virgo Gold Saint Shaka-dono (isn't he superb? *_*). From shitajiki. Full size: 426 x 603 pixels
Sorento Siren during his face off with Sea Dragon (3rd season, Poseidon). From cel. Full size: 708 x 498 pixels
God Warrior Merak Hagen during his fight against Cygnus Hyoga (2nd season, Asgard). From cel. Full size: 700 x 497 pixels
God Warrior Shadow Arkar Bud, during his fight against Phoenix Ikki (2nd season, Asgard). From cel. Full size: 708 x 498 pixels
The five Bronze Boys together. From shitajiki. Full size: 638 x 449 pixels
Kiki and Dragon Shiryu, during The Poseidon. From cel. Full size: 620 x 563 pixels
"But what'll happen to Hyoga? He might be lost into another dimension for all eternity, I must stay". Shun in the House of Gemini. From cel. Full size: 615 x 510 pixels
Virgo Gold Saint Shaka, as he's about to use the Treasure of Heaven on poor Ikki to destroy his mind. From cel. Full size: 456 x 500 pixels
Shun sitting down before the hearth of Saori's mansion in the mountains. From cel. Full size: 441 x 393 pixels

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